Monday, August 3, 2009

Jarod Bodyboarding

Jarod has just as much fun in the Ocean as the rest of them. JR, next time you come Jarod wants to take you out, he said that this was the day at the Ocean. Bring your flippers, we got a board, pack your bags, come visit!

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Blake Bodyboarding

Blake is not afraid of the water and the last few times we went to the Ocean he has gone way out in the water. This last time he was in the water for 3 hours! He was side by side with Abby Potier in the water all day. He is getting really good about riding in the waves. The harder he crashes the more awesome he thinks that it is.

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Blake 6 yrs
Davis 8 yrs

Cache 14 months

Clay 14 months

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First time surfing

Davis' friend Frank has been surfing so Davis decided that he wanted to try. Jack Bell Franks brother took him out and told him what to do and Davis being the natural little athlete got up the first two tries.
He was so proud of himself and he had so much fun.
The bottom picture is him jumping off just as he was riding the wave on the beach. We are so proud of him. Go Davis!

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