Saturday, October 24, 2009


Clay at 16 months. Clay has the bluest eyes, he is the nicest baby he will always share and makes sure Cache has what he has. He has a cute laugh and is always happy. He loves his milk. He can climb up anything. He is very strong. He is a cuddlier.

He loves to RUN, and make messes. He will bring you a diaper to change his bum. He loves his MOMMY, that is the word he says all day. He points with his middle finger and loves air planes. We love you Clay.


16 months, Cache is so so sweet. He always has a blanket in his hand and his thumb in his mouth. He says DAD and it is loud. He can throw a ball real hard and fast. Playing with balls is his favorite thing. He loves Clay and they are so much fun to watch when they play together.

Cache loves Blake and loves it when he plays with him. He has the cutest laugh. Dad is his favorite. He gives kisses and waves goodbye. We love you Cache.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Davis' 9th Birthday

Cache and Clay loved the balloons... Blake, he is so cool.

Davis, so happy that he got the bike that he wanted for 99 days. Every time we would go to Costco (and that is a lot) we would have to go to the bikes to make sure they still had it.

He loves it. He had a great birthday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Davis' Birthday Party

We had Davis' birthday party early he turns nine on Oct. 9th. He had a party with Frank Bell his best friend whos birthday was the end of Sept. We had the party out front of our house at the big park. We played dodgeball, Football and Kickball. We had pizza and cake. Everyone had a great time.

This was everyone who came. The Evans', The Bell's, the Truner's, The Pothiers, The Nowickis, The Fortescues, and Clair and her husband. Thanks for comming everyone!