Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blake received an award for being an Academic Student of the semester. He is doing so well in Kindergarten and he loves his teacher. They really push the kids here and I love it. Blake can read and write sentences very well. He likes to play hopscotch and he can hula hoop. I think his favorite is to chase the girls at recess with Eric. I know that the girls love it, although they call each other the arch enimee.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Blake and I made Valentine Cookies last Saturday. Blake did an awesome job frosting and adding the sprinkles. Then We went to the park and practiced baseball met some of our friends there and went out to dinner. We had a great Valentines Day.

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I was going to enter the Twins into Regis and Kellys beautiful baby search but... on the last day I forgot.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

When I was a kid

Blake was playing in the backyard with friends today, they were playing with all the toys and Mater from "Cars" the movie made a noise Eric asked "what is that?" Blake said "oh that was mine when I was a kid" Eric said "you are a kid".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Toleedo

No it was a tornado. Yes that is right, I walked to school like everyday to pick up Davis and Blake. Well the sky turned black and the thunder crashed (which never happens here) and there was lightning. When it was time for the school bell to ring the VP got on the intercom and told all of the kids that it was going to start raining and to just go home right away. Davis got out of his class and then we got Blake, our friend was teaching in the next class so we went to talk to her for a minute, her boys and Davis went out side and they saw two funnel clouds and one touched. We watched the news and sure enough about 10 min from our house was a tornado. Crazy crazy that almost never happens in Utah.

So it seems like every year around this time Davis and I are sad. It is the annual Bret Favre retirement day. This year is different though, I do believe that this one is for real. We will miss watching him play every Sunday. I am glad that the Jets did better this year than the Packers however, I want him to retire as a Packer and go into the Hall as a Packer. Brett you will be missed thank you for all the times.
Umm... yes, I was more sad the day that Elway retired. He is my football hero.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blakes first T-ball Game

So its not really T-ball like we all know it. Each kid gets 3 pitches by the Coach, if they can't hit the ball they use the T. I really like this, it gets the kids ready for Coach pitch. Blake never used the T and his first up to bat he hit the ball hard it hit the pitcher in the head and then went out into the outfield (sorry little pitcher). He played pitcher with another boy and a lot of outs (but nobody is really out). He had so much fun and really loved to play he can't wait for the next game.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Late night

The last week we had a late night with Eric and his Sister Dara they watched Star wars, played Wii, and ate cupcakes. It works out well Blake and Eric are best friends and Davis and Dara have a lot of the same interest.
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8 Months

Cache and Clay are 8 Months old today. They are so much fun to have in our house we can't imagine life without them. Davis and Blake are having fun with them too.
Clay is CRAWLING all over the house. He goes everywhere I have to put him in his swing so that I can sweep and mop it makes him so mad. He can't miss anything, he is such a cutie. He will crawl to the back door to watch the Boys play in the back yard.
Cache is not quit ready to craw he is so sweet. He sucks his thumb all the time, and is always so happy. He lights up when you talk to him. When Clay crawls out of his sight he screams at him it is so funny. I don't know what I will do when they can walk. They both weigh just over 20 lbs.
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