Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our first visitors!

The Bleaks came to visit us from Cedar City this past week. We had a lot of fun with them. We picked them up from the Airport on Wed night their flight came in at 8:20pm. We pulled up outside the baggage claim and waited for awhile, they lost their bags. The kids and I went in and let them know that we were there, the kids came and got in the Pathfinder with our kids and as you can imagine they had so much fun! We kept waiting for Mike and Amy, they found three of their bags, but Mikes was still lost. Jarod told them we would go home and get the kids in bed and they went to get their rental car. That is when our problem started, Jarod went to start the Pathfinder and the battery was dead! We had only left the car on for over an hour with the lights on, and the GPS unit, and the Nintendo plugged into charge. What were We thinking? So Jarod asked the TSA dude if he could help us(everyone who knows TSA people knows that was a waste of time). Finally a Police Officer drove by, Jaord flagged him down He told the Officer that the kids left the key on, OK whatever! He had to go find jumper cables, when He came back He jumped us and it was homeward bound.
Thursday We had to go to My favorite place Costco to buy Mike new clothes they told him that they had no idea where his bag was. After that it was time to pick up Davis from school. Then I took they Boys to the Ocean where we lived in a hotel for ever while I went to my Ultrasound with Amy. Jarod had to go to another Island for work so we missed him that night and Friday.
On Friday Davis went to school while Mike and Amy took their boys and Blake to the Dole Plantation. I got to go to my doc by myself, I picked up Davis from school and waited for the Bleaks to come home from driving around the Island. We picked up Jarod from the airport and went to diner at Big Kahunas Pizza then we came home to play Phase 10, the kids watched Indiana Jones.
Saturday Davis had a baseball game at 9:00 am, after that we went to the Flee market Blake got lost, We finally found him We were all so scared, Davis kept saying Blake is gone forever. Jarod ran one way Amy went the other and Mike went to the parking lot. I stayed where we last saw him. A lady saw him and asked him where his mom was he said he didn't know, so she made him sit there and wait, Jarod ran around the corner a couple minutes later. Then we went to the beach on the other side of the Island the sand was awesome the kids played and we all had fun. We found a really good Mexican place to eat at, it was the best food Jarod and I have had since we have been here.
Sunday we skipped Church and went to Pearl Harbor. It was awesome, one of the coolest things about this place. You watch a movie before you take a boat out to the USS Arizona, after the movie Davis told Brock and Kason that their sister would have loved it (she is 8 months old). We went to the USS Arizona and then took a bus to the USS Missouri where we walked around the ship it was awesome. It retired in 1991 and they still have everything inside. when Brock saw the TVs and computers he asked what they were, when we told him he didn't believe us. We also walked around the International Market Place.
Monday we went to the Beach again the kids had a good time, Kason and Brock got to snorkel and saw some cool fish. Blake and Davis got cut on the Coral. We came home, Davis had Baseball practice and the Bleaks went back to the International Market Place. Then the Bleaks had to go catch their plane to go home. Our kids cried, it broke our hearts. Davis said now I don't have any friends again. It is hard to see your kids hurt like that, Jarod wonders if we made the right choice by making this move, I told him that we did and the kids will be fine when they get back to their routine. Thanks for coming to visit us Mike, Amy and Boys we had so much fun with you!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Twin update

Well I had my monthly ultrasound yesterday. The babies both look good! Amy Bleak is here visiting us with her family so she got to come with me, thanks Amy. Back to the babies, while they were looking at baby B He opened up his mouth and stuck his hand in it. That was fun to watch. Baby B is weighing about 3 pounds 11 ounces. Baby A is weighing about 3 pounds 4 ounces. So they are both growing really good. The doc's sounded surprised that they were so big.
This morning I went to my Doc and he went over my test that I had last time that I was there. My blood pressure is still really good, my sugar was perfect, my iron is great so I don't have to take iron pills anymore! that is a first for me when I am pregnant (I wonder how much iron is in Oreo cookies?) my weight is good and I measure FULL TERM... and because of that, my cervix is thinning. My Doc is not to worried about that yet because with twins that is common, if there was only one baby it would be full term and so that weight on the cervix makes it thin. I just need to take it easy but I already do that. He said lots of water and not to much walking, more than six contractions in a hour I have to call him but I feel like I have a few more weeks at least. The babies need a few more weeks too. Jarod needs to put our crib up soon or he will have to do it when I am in the Hospital. I still feel really good. I have a lot of energy. I just have a big belly! I feel bad for Blake, he is the perfect height for me to always nock him in the head with it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tagged by Carlynn

A- Attached or Single... Married for more than 10 of the best years of my life!
B- Best Friend... I have a lot of best friends, but Jarod is the very best.
C- Cake or Pie... I love Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting.
D- Day of choice... I have to say Saturday
E- Essential item... Make-up
F- Flavor of Ice cream... Brown's White Cake Batter at Grandies in Cedar City, Ut.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms... Bears but I like sour ones
H- Hometown... K town for those of you that don't know that is Kanab, Ut.
I- Indulgences... It use to be hot showers, now that I am pregnant it is Going to the Beach.
J- January or July... Is there a difference? It is always the same here, I would have to go with July because of Independence Day!
K- Kids... We are done having kids... we have a 71/2 year old, 5 year old, and TWINS in just weeks. All BOYS!
L- Last movie seen in the Theatre... The Bee Movie, I didn't watch it though that is the night that I found out that I was having Twins, I was kinda sick to my stomach I couldn't even eat my popcorn or drink my soda.
M- Music... I like the top 40
N- Number of billings... two sisters and two brothers
O- Oranges or Apples... Apples
P- Phobias or fears... They are the same thing for me BUGS in my house!
Q- Quote... Enjoy the little things in life... for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things.
R- Reason to smile... All my Blessings
S- Summer or Spring... Like before is there a difference?
T- Tag... Ashley and Katie
U- Unknown fact about me... I don't think there is anything unknown
V- Vegetarian or oppressor of Animals... I like a little bit of meat but I would rather not eat it. I do love a steak from Rusty's a couple times a year.
W- Worst habit... Watching Days of our Lives. I know that it is a stupid show.
X- X-ray or Ultrasound... Ultrasounds I have plenty of them. One every four weeks by the Fetal Diagnosis center and every time I go to my Doc he does one to check heart beats.
Y- Your favorite food... I love Pizza and Salad and Pork Salads from Costa Vida.
Z- Zodiac... Pieces

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OK I am running out of room. I need to have these babies! I know it is to early but there is no more room I guess they will find room, I guess that they have to, right? Last night I told Jarod that one of them was trying to escape out my side. One of them was poking out you could really feel his back, its cool to feel it from the outside, but on the inside it really starts hurting. Imagine Four feet kicking you in the ribs, Four arms moving about, and my favorite is the two heads moving back and forth on my bladder. I have to pee all of the time. I tell the kids they are lucky to have a mom that pees all the time, Blake doesn't understand that I am joking, He always says why are we lucky that you always have to go pee all the time? Another fun thing is the contractions yes I have been having them for about two months all the time my doc said more than four an hour and I need to tell him, but they really make things uncomfortable, and make me have to pee even more. Jarod laughs because sometimes nothing comes out, Y'all know what I mean if you have been pregnant. Well I only have to go to 37 weeks and he will induce me, After 34 weeks he will not stop labor. I need more patients, and more skin to stretch.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blake wanted to go to Chucke Cheese's for his birthday, when we pulled up he said "Chucke Cheese's I am so excited I could PINCH myself." We had lots of fun, it was like a date for Jarod and I because the kids just played and played. Jarod is not black he is just wearing a hat and it created a shadow. I know you all thought that he turned Hawaii'n. He is the whitest of all of us.
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This was Blakes Birthday cake. I made it the night before his Birthday, He wanted a piece of it for breakfast so in the morning I frosted it. The missing piece is what he ate, then We went to Sea Life Park. After Chucke Cheeses We came home to have cake to our surprise all the frosting had melted off the cake. Blake was mad, Davis said it looked gross and Jarod and I laughed we never saw that before.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jarod

Today is Jarods Birthday!!! Yea 32, He went to work today and later we will have a party. He wants the Betty Crocker Party Chip cake for his special day, the kicker is that nobody on the Island sells the frosting to go with the cake. Sometimes this place drives me nuts, but everyone keeps saying you learn to deal with it. Well Jarod can deal with the wrong frosting but next week is Blakes Birthday and he wants the same cake. I am so glad that Jarods Parents are coming and with them bringing the right frosting for Blakes cake.
We bought Jarod a surf board for his Birthday, the kids are nervous that he is going to die in the ocean (we always tell scare them about dieing in the ocean so they wont go far, I know we are mean).
For diner tonight we are going to try the Chinese place around the corner from us, so we will see how that is. We tried the Mexican place that is next door and it was no good. WE MISS COSTA VIDA!!!!