Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cache doesn't care that Clay is grabbing his mouth. He only cries when he is trying to sleep and Clay kicks him.

Clay is on the left Cache is on the right.


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The Twins Clay and Cache really had a fun Christmas morning. They got so many toys!

This is Clay, he is always so happy (well if he isn't hungry or if your not holding Cache). I love his grin. :)

Davis and Blake playing baseball on the Wii. Jarod is the only one to hit it out of the park so far.

This is Cache he loves to be on his tummy then he kicks his feet up. He is also always
happy Blake and Davis can really get the Twins laughing it is fun to watch them all together.

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Christmas Morning!

We were so excited for Christmas this year. Last year we woke up early and left K town early to get Jarod to the airport in Las Vegas. It was so nice this year to be with our family all day.
Santa brought the family a Wii. We have had so much fun. We play it all the time. Jarod and I play after the kids go to sleep.
Blake and Davis wanted Star Wars guys, so Jarod and I had looked for weeks to find the right guys. We think we did good. Blake our silly boy didn't even want to open all his presents he got his Star Wars things and said I am going to my room to play.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Mom did it!

The day Christmas break began, the Boys and I went to the park in the morning. I wanted to jog around while they played. I got to go around the park one time before they stoped me and told me that they couldn't reach the zip line. The good mother that I am, I lifted Blake up so he could reach it, he went down fast. I had to push him to go back up, so I gave him a good push well he went about 2 feet and then the zip line stopped suddenly and Blake's feet went high in the air and he landed on his left arm and his head. I knew that it was broke the second that it happened. We went home, he wouldn't use his arm for anything. We got it X-rayed and it is broke about an inch above the wrist. When we went to get the cast on the Dr. asked what happened and Blake said "my mom did it." I feel like the worst mom in the world. Guess who signed his cast on Christmas morning? SANTA did.
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Flag Football

The boys got flag football for Christmas and they are having so much fun with it. Blakes broken arm is not slowing him down a bit.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Clay loved all the singing he couldn't keep his hands out of his mouth. Man I love his BLUE eyes.
Cache liked it too, he also really likes his hands in his mouth. The Twins are getting to be so much fun, Clay rolls all over mostly he ends up under the Christmas Tree. Cache is so a little seal on the floor he is also every where they are fast and they have started to go backwards.

After the Christmas Ronda and I took the kids to the mall and went to Build a Bear. The kids had so much fun, Blake and Eric had to get Twin bears. When they dressed them they all got Aloha outfits.

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Kenoe'ula Christmas program

This is the Kindergarten classes in the program they sang "UP ON THE HOUSE TOP". Blake did well on singing and the actions.
I had to follow Blakes class out to get a picture of him and his best friend Eric. The two of them were the cutiest little santas there.
All the second graders sang FROSTY THE SNOWMAN! Davis really worked hard learning the words. He did a good job I loved to hear him singing.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Cache and Clay 6 months check up

I took the Twins in for their 6 month check up last Thursday
18.14 weight
26 1/2 length
44 1/2 head
75% for kids his age

18.12 weight
26 3/4 length
43 1/4 head
75% for kids his age

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six months old

Today the Twins are six months old! I really can't believe that we made it and it is getting easier all the time. We sure enjoy our babies. Cache is so sweet, he always smiles he is so patient he is our little thumb sucker. Clay is always smiling too, he grabs his toes and rolls over. They both talk to each other and smile at each other. When they are on the floor together they reach for each other. We sure love them, they keep us so busy. I take them to the Doc for a check up on Thurs to see how much they weigh now, but I'll tell you they are getting to heavy to lug around in the car seats.