Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poor Clay is starving! almost 3 months old.

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No potlucks

This is the reason that we do not eat at potlucks.
Saturday after we were done with soccer the league said that they were going to give the kids ice cream well that is safe so we stayed. The other nice mothers on our team brought some potluck items to share, Davis helped himself and before I could stop him he had already eaten a PINK hot dog no not under cooked it was bright lipstick pink then he went and got another one well after you eat one what will one more do to ya well I will tell you. We got home and Davis kept saying that his stomach hurt well is it because we told you to clean your room or is it because we aren't going to the Star wars movie and now your complaining. It was about 5pm and we went to Lowe's to buy a screen door for the house and then Old Navy was having their pants on sale for $7.00 so we got the kids a pair to bring to Utah with us. On the way home we got McDonald's for dinner and told Davis he couldn't eat because he was complaining of a stomach still I started counting the time when he ate the pink hot dog and it was about 6 hours and I knew it had to of been the hot dog that he ate right about this time we had to pull off the road because the ambulance was coming good thing to because that is when Davis threw up all over the back of the pathfinder then Blake started screaming Davis threw up, Davis threw up which then made Blake throw up because of the sight. Jarod and I jumped out ran to the back to get the kids out for a reason I don't know but at the time you think GET OUT OF MY CAR! right? and then you realize that the damage has been done you have to finish going home. Davis had to sit in the back with pink hot dog all over him and Blake had to share a seat with me in the front luckily the twins were not affected by the incident. Good thing there are no pictures of this. We told the kids never eat anything at a potluck unless you ask first.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blake twirling back and forth, kicking the ball, Jarod watching Blake, Twins watching Blake

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Futuer David Beckham?

Blake started soccer and today was the jamboree, that is when they have all the teams in the region play three 10min games to see how the teams are and how to make the schedule out to make it fair. Kinda cool that they do that. Blake was a little excited to go but was more excited the first day of practice I think that he was worried about loosing.

He did very well, it looked liked he had played before and he scored 4 or 5 goals! We were impressed with his soccer ability, Jarod told him to pretend that he was taking the ball away from Davis.

A little funny note, just because a kid has a pony tail or a braid doesn't mean the kid is a girl. I tried to tell Jarod that it is a BOYS league but he said he would bet his next pay check that two of them were girls, good thing he is not a betting man. He caught himself saying she and she was a he. We have GOT to get used to that.

Blake is not afraid of anyone he just goes in after the ball and sticks with it. Although he was the back defender with another boy and they got talking and the other team went right by them scoring a goal they felt silly. He spent one half of a game as the only back defender and waved to Jarod and I and was twirling back and forth.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trying to get pictures of the Twins is not the most simple task, well trying to do anything with the Twins is not the easiest thing. Clay is #47 and Cache is #6. Davis makes sure they always wear the right numbers Clay gets the bigger number because he is a little heavier than Cache.

I can't get Clay to stop crying...
I think that he is waiting for his bath
the truth is Clay cries like this every night
until he gets his bath

What you can't see is that they are still crying. I can't wait for Y'all to see them, they are so cute. I am pretty sure that they will be Bronco fans!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess who is sleeping through the night?

Cache is he has made it 3 nights in a row!!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life saver

I remember someone telling me about these long long ago. They are Pacifeeders the website is it was a little hard for the boys to keep the pacifier in at first and it does tell you it might take a few feedings for them to really get it but who cares I love them. In the morning when I walk the other boys to school if the Twins are hungry I just bring this along and when I am home alone they are life savers. All you moms with twins you need to buy these.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twins 2 months

The top row is Cache
The second row Clay is on the left Cache is on the right
Third row Clay is on the left Cache is on the right
Forth row Blake is kissing Clay the other pictures are Cache

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Watching our life

The boys were watching Spongebob today, and so I was watching Spongebob today. I was actually watching my life on TV. For those of you that watch Spongebob (Lisa) you know this episode. Spongebob and Patrick have a baby that they take care of Junior, as you can see in the third picture Stacy played by Spongebob is holding Junior, washing windows, ironing, and vacuuming all at the same time. Jarod played by Patrick comes home from work, well this is Jarod and I everyday but with TWO JUNIORS! By the way that is exactly what Davis and Blake do sit and watch TV while Jarod and I play house. The bottom picture is a pile of diapers that is really a picture of our dirty diapers.

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Clay got three shots and an oral immunization Thursday (oh I lied, Friday) Caches were Friday also. When Clay was born he weighed 6.1 pounds, now he is 12.12 pounds his head is 38 cm and he is 21 3/4 inches tall.

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We took Cache to his 2 month check up on Thursday, and got yucky shots 3 in the legs and an oral one. When Cache was born on July 2, he weighed 5.7 pounds at 2 months he now weighs 12.4 pounds, his head is 391/2 and, he is 21 3/4 inches tall.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well after a long time wondering is he playing is he not. Davis was so excited to hear last night that Brett Favre will be playing football this year. We told him that he got a divorce from the Packers and now he is playing for the Jets. Davis said "Awesome now I am a Jets fan!" He said "now I have to throw away all my Packer jerseys." We had to tell him that now they are really cool because now they don't make them anymore. Now we need a Jets jersey with the number 4 on it. Go Brett Favre!