Thursday, July 31, 2008

First day of School

My Boys all ready for the first day of School. This is the sign just outside the entrance way to the school. On the way to Daviss' class they have a really cool sundial I will have to take a picture of it and post it on the blog. It is a really nice school, We are lucky that they attend this one and not Ewa Elementary.

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Second Grade!!!

Davis was so happy to start school, this summer has been a boring one for him. On Tuesday afternoon He said "I wish this day was over, I want to go to school." It is about a 10 min walk from our house to the school. Davis and Blake rode Their scooters, I pushed the Twins in the stroller and, Jarod had his hands full of backpacks and tons of school supplies. Davis has a very nice Teacher her name is Margret Yoshikawa. He is so glad to be in school.

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First day of Kindergarten

Blake is all ready for His first day of Kindergarten! He is wearing His school uniform. He had assessments today. We told Him that They were going to ask Him some questions to see what He knows about school, like ABC's and numbers. He said, "will they ask me what 8+8 is?" We told Him probably not. He was so excited, We dropped Him off at the Library He gave us both a big love and kiss and away He went. When We picked Him up We asked Him how His day went. He said that He had fun, He told Us what He did. We asked Him if They asked Him what 8+8 was, He said no, but I told them that 8+8=16 and then the teacher said WOW!

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Big helpers!

Todd and Brittany came to visit Me while They were here in Hawaii. We had pizza for dinner and then Todd and Brittany held Babies the rest of the night. I really did nothing, Brittany gave the Twins a bottle and I sat with My feet up. They just kept saying there is two of them how do you do this? I don't really know how I do it, You just do. The days blend and the weeks do to. The other day We were shopping at Costco, this lady walked past and said "You will survive I promise" as she was pushing Twin girls that are two she said that the first year is a blur and I believe her the first two months have been a blur.
Todd and Brittany thanks for taking time out of your vacation to come and visit it meant a lot to me and also a big thanks for helping me with the Twins I don't get help often and it was so nice. I just sat back looking at you two holding two babies I still can't believe that they are ours!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Boys decided to wash Their bikes, scooters and skateboards, until Davis got Blake wet!
So Blake sprayed Him back. Go Blake...
Then Davis used his resources and...
Blake got it poured all over him...
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Blake got soaked!!
So I said Blake do it back for once he listens
Davis got soaked!!
Water fight over!
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Eight weeks old

We want to share their eight week old pictures with you. The Twins will be 2 months old on Aug 2nd. Cache is hitting Clay but as usual He doesn't care He is just happy.
Cache is still hitting him and Clay still doesn't care.
Cache is getting mad, probably because Clay is trying to eat his arm for dinner.
Or maybe He just bit him!
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When Jarod went to Utah he brought Me two colors of nail polish, orange and pink. After fighting with the boys which color We should use, We finally decided on orange. I wanted pink but, Blake DID NOT want to paint PINK. Each of the Boys took a turn painting a My toe nails. They each got a foot.
After They painted orange I had Them put this glitter polish over it. If you look close enough you can see it all over my cuticle but that will come off in the shower.
They had so much fun painting my toe nails! They did a pretty good job.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frog and Lizard

The backyard fun continued today, the Boys found a frog! They were so excited they trapped it in a cup and some how they aren't sure but it died. Then they said that it didn't die so who knows Davis said they put it back where they found it but Blake said that it wouldn't hop any more. A poor frog can only handle so much touchier before it gives up.
Then a baby Lizard... They are getting fast at catching these, they tried to catch the Dad but it was to fast for them. Lucky Lizard run for your life!

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Back yard fun!

Davis and Blake love to play with my gloves that I use to color hair with. Well today they figured out that they could fill them up with WATER. See the glove that is in to pieces on the grass behind Blake they filled it up so much that it popped, I tried to take a picture of it before it exploded but I was to late.

Davis thought it was so funny to make it jiggle and Blake named his Patrick from Sponge Bob.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cache and Clay went into the Doc. for a check up today. They are doing good Clay weighs 9.12 and Cache weighs 9.11 Cache is catching up fast. Cache also has a little reflux so a little mylanta when he eats and it will take care of him arching his back and the discomfort and the hiccups. They are 6 weeks and 3 days old today.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Today I ate lunch at the NFL Shop... This is the Menyoo (Menu). They serve Greilchees (Grilled Cheese) Peenut and a Jelee Soowich (Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches) and last Chicken nuggets.
Davis is the cook He did a great job ( I love the menu He tries to sound out things to spell them. I think it is so cute. Blake was the Waiter He did such a good job. Blake took my order I got the Peenut and a Jelee soowinch when I picked it up I got jelly all over my fingers but it was so good, I also got 3 Oreo Cookies and a Diet Coke. Davis made Blake Chicnogits (Chicken nuggets) a cinnamon roll, chocolate milk and a Dr. Pepper and his favorite chips Cool Ranch. Davis made Himself two greilchees (grilled cheese) and a Coke. They even cleaned up their mess kind of. It was a lot of fun to have a restaurant in my house. Davis said I could tell Y'all it was the best restaurant I ever tasted, then he said even though I know it wasn't. It really was a great Peenut and a jelee soowinch. So He was reading what I typed and can't figure out what his menu reads. I love my BOYS.

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Little sugars

Five weeks 3 days! The top two pictures are Cache

This is Clay... He can hold his head better than Cache but he would never look at me. Come on Boys pose for the camera
Clay is on the left Cache is on the right, right after I took this Clay started SCREAMING!

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Monday, July 7, 2008

I fixed the error so here is the rest of the pictures that Davis and Blake took while I was cleaning the bathrooms

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independance Day

For our first 4th of July... First We woke up at 5 am to feed the Twins oh, I am sorry did I say We I meant I woke up to feed the Twins. 6 am I got into the shower to get ready for the day We were invited to go to a parade in Kailua on the other side of the Island (I love to say that although it is only like 20 miles away from our house.) So We went with Jerry and his Family to the parade that lasted one and a half hours. The Twins were great. We had got there early to get a spot and Davis and Blake played with Jerry's boys catching LIZARDS (boys will be boys) after a while of that Davis said this is a dumb parade mom. I told him that it hadn't even started yet. They loved the parade and had so much fun. We went back to Jerry's house were the kids all played outside we sat around and talked until we ran out of diapers for the Twins and then had to go home. We were invited to a BBQ with some people in our ward but by the time we got home Blake was asleep and I had to feed the twins by the time that had all wrapped up it was to late to go to the BBQ so we went up to Kapolie to watch fireworks they were good but I think next year we will go to the Ala Moana to watch the big show. We only have 2 more 4Th's here!

Friday, July 4, 2008

I think this is all Clay but Davis said some are Cache I don't know though

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While I was cleaning

On Tuesday I was cleaning the Bathrooms upstairs, I left the Twins downstairs with Davis and Blake. They were quiet the hole time I was cleaning. Davis came upstairs and said "Do You want to look at some pictures that I took?" I said "Yes" well here they are Davis and Blake had so much fun taking them, they are so proud of these that I just had to laugh.

I can't tell them a part in these pictures, but I think the top one is Clay, the second might be Clay too. Oh heck what do I know, I don't know which is which in these hat pictures.

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