Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The other day Jarod was telling me that the bananas were bad and that he was going to throw them away. I said "do you think they went bad so fast because they came in a plastic bag?" Davis said with a worried look on his face "my Army guys are dead because I put them in a plastic bag?" I laughed so hard I cried. Does he think that they were alive before he put them in the zip lock bag?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clay at one

Clay is the smiliest kid, you turn on the camera and he knows just what to do. He is into EVERYTHING. He doesn't sleep through the night, he needs cuddle time with mom and dad. He is walking slowly. He crawls very fast. He can say mama all day long. He also says boppy, ahh ooo, and sometimes dad. He is always on the go. He loves to climb the stairs for bath time. He loves to be snuggled. He will tickle your arm. He bits! He loves when people pay attention to him. He loves going for a jog in the stroller. He loves Cache. He loves his mommy. He yells at us already. He does this cute thing with his hands out straight and screams! It is Jarods favorite. He wants mommy to give him a milk at night, and screams at Jarod if he trys (I love it). We sure love him.

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Cache at one...

My sweet Cache... He is always giggling and getting into things. He likes to pull Blakes hair. He kneels on one knee and stands on the other foot. In the tub he goes CRAZY! He loves to watch the computer. He is a thumb sucker. He loves the outside. He love to go for jogs in the stroller. He can scream LOUD... He loves his little blankies, his favorite is the silky tag on the blanket. He has slept through the night since he was 3 months. He crawls so fast, he loves to chase Clay around. He loves balls and chases them all over. He loves his daddy. He stands at the back door and watches Davis and Blake play. He loves to get out the plastic bowls, towels, and loves to play in the dishwasher. He gives the best loves. We sure love him.

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I was trying to do this the clean way but Cache wouldn't have that... so... just let them at it and clean it up when they are done.
When we were cleaning up the kitchen and realized who made the bigger mess Davis and Blake or Cache and Clay. We were not very surprised to learn that Davis and Blake's mess on the floor was bigger.

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Front Teeth

Blake has lost his two front teeth with in a week of each other. I being the dentist in the family pulled them both out. Just a little hint for all you other dentist out there, if you put some baby teething gel on it they wont feel a thing. Blake is getting so big and is so cute without his front teeth!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Awards

Blake and Davis both were invited on the stage at the award ceremony at school this year.
Blake got an Academic Award and Perfect Attendance we are so proud of him and all the awesome work he did this year.
Davis got the award of Student of the Semester, which includes being a role model. We are so proud of him for getting this award, for being respectful, kind, and an all around great kid. We love you boys great job!

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OK so its not chocolate cake but still...
I was upstairs getting ready for the day, Davis walks into my room and I ask him what the Twins are doing and he says laying down I think. This makes sense to me because it is quiet... But you should always know better when things are quiet because its not the quiet when they are sleeping.
I came down stairs and saw the mess. Let me explain, in our small house the back door is right next to the diaper bag and about 6 inches from Caches foot is a chair that Blake is sitting on playing X BOX. Back to the mess. I see it and thought well @$%& at least it isn't chocolate cake, as I am grabbing the camera. The Twins got into the diaper bag and took out the big bag of goldfish (from Costco) who knows how many they ate, but while I took pictures Clay shoved in about 10.
I am taking pictures of Cache and Clay, as Cache crawls away I keep taking pictures of Clay (which were really cute). While taking the pictures, Clay is just shoving the goldfish into his mouth, so cute... so I keep taking snapping away. While I am snapping away... Cache gags on all the fish that are in his mouth and THROWS UP!!! (no pictures of that, your welcome).
Got the mess all cleaned up and changed both babies, time for lunch but guess who isn't hungry?

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are 1

Clay happy on his riding toy.
Cache and the Leapfrog table.
Aren't they the CUTE!
If Davis would let me go, I would go so much faster...
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Happy Birthday to Us!

Cache had so much fun with the wrapping paper, and the big ball he chased it all over the house while dad put together our Leapfrog Table.
Cache and his paper... he is so cute!
Clay no to interested in the paper like Cache he like the camera pointed at him and likes it when the flash goes off. The Twins got an outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Brown. The Robinsons sent a outfit and cut toys that they throw around and chase. The Bells gave then overalls and a shirt. The Pothiers gave them an outfit and a sorting shape toy. The Turners gave them trucks. The Evans gave them toys and swimming suits. Grandma and Grandpa sent a gift but didn't get here, it should get here today.
We got them the Leapfrog table and push behind ride on toys and bath toys.
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Cake Time

I thought that this would be the highlight of the day since we all know they love cake... referring back to the chocolate cake in the trash that was spread all over the house. Clay started off with his fingers in it being so careful.
Cache wanted nothing to do with his cake. I gave him a bit of it and he acted like he was going to gag, so this is as far as he got. Then he drank water out of a sippy cup to get the cake out of his mouth.
Davis and Blake loved there cake and ice cream, thankfully they are old enough not to get it everywhere.
Clay loved his frosting he was so cute about eating it, slowly he would get some on his fingers then wipe it all over himself... So cute Clay. In the end we were disappointed we thought for sure that this would be the biggest mess they have made yet. The chocolate cake in the trash, all over them, and all over the house topped this. I guess I should be thankful... Right?
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Year Ago Today!

One year ago today Davis and Blake welcomed Cache in to our Family. They were so excited for the Twins to FINALLY be here.
Cache on the left and Clay on the right. I still remember how small they were, but can't believe they both fit inside my belly.
They could both fit in the bassinet. Cache has the white Binky and Clay has the Blue one. Throughout the year they have grown so much. The first four months were the hardest of my life. I slept on the recliner down stairs the first 6 weeks, I remember laying down flat for the first time it was awesome. Cache rolled over first, at four months when we were in Utah. Clay did it shortly after. Clay was the first to crawl, Cache did an army crawl for a while. Clay would crawl away from Cache and he would scream talk to him
( where are you, and how did you do that). They chase each other all over the house like playing tag or peek a boo. They play so good together. When they were getting their first teeth at 8 months Cache had the worst rash, I was changing his diaper and he was screaming Clay came over and kissed him on the face, so sweet. Clay is walking and Cache is close behind. They make messes all day long from pulling out all the towels to all the Tupperware. They love bath time and snuggle time at bedtime. We love them so much, they are such good babies. Cache is a funny kid he giggles at himself all the time. Clay says mommy all day long. They love to escape out to the back yard. They love their older brothers. We made it through the first year, double the sleepless nights, double the dirty diapers, double the feedings (I do not recommend nursing Twins, hardest thing of my life). We made it through the neighbor coming over offering to help, I think he got tired of the crying. I don't know how we did it without help from family. I don't know how we got through the year doing the things we did. We are so blessed. We are so blessed to have Cache and Clay in our family. Happy Birthday Twins! I love you...
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