Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top pictures Clay is on the left and Cache is on the right, their arms crack me up the way they are both holding them. Middle row pictures Clay is on the left and Cache is one the right trying to find something to eat...

Clay is happy and Cache is hungry. We sure love these two Boys Twins are fun but a lot of work.

Heather if you see this I can't get on your blog I might have to be invited


How will I ever keep up with these twenty toes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I took the twins to their two week check up. They are both doing great! When they were born Cache weighed 5.7 and Clay weighed 6.1, they both lost weight in the hospital, which Y'all know happens and they don't worry about it to much until they loose 10% of their birth weight. Well nursing two they both lost around 7%. At their check up 2 days after leaving the hospital they had both gained 3 ounces the doc was glad to see them doing good. Monday I took them for their the two week and Cache now weights 6 pounds and Clay weights 6.8. They even have little bums now when they were born they had no bottom at all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom if you click on the pictures they will open in another window and be big so you can see what the twins look like.
Top picture Clay is head up Cache head down. I think that it is funny to put them like this, it is how they were inside me and they kick each other and don't care it is fun to watch
Clay on the left and Cache on the right
Cache about to kick Clay in the face
No harm was made to the twins in the taking of these pictures.

Clay is in the brown Cache is in the blue & brown stripe

We love all of our Boys!!!

My two week check up

So today is a busy day for me. Jarod went back to work this morning, so I tried to let him sleep last night. I took care of the twins all by myself not so easy if you ask me. Jarod woke up twice once to bring me Cache from upstairs and the second time was when I was changing Clay and he was crying Jarod came to see if he could help. Back to the story, my Doctor apt. was at 9:45am I know that is not to early but I have never had to take four boys with me either. We made it on time Davis and Blake were so good yep my kids were the biggest helpers they probably knew I would have a melt down if I had to fight them. The Doc said everything looks good and I can do almost anything now. I take the Twins to their two week check up at 2:15pm and I will let ya know how they are doing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally here!!!

Monday morning I had my last Doctor appt. at 9:45am. I had been having contractions all sunday night and into the morning, I knew better than to pack a bag because I knew he would tell me one more week. At the Doctor, I waited the 20 min to get in they weighed me and took my blood presure, took me back into the room. Doctor Oh came in asked me how I was doing I said good, He told me to keep my apt. for the next day for nst testing. That is when I told him "Well I am in labor and having contractions every 7-8 min." He asked for how long, I said well last night they were every ten min. He said well let me check you. To his surprise I was fully thined out and dilated to a 4. He said lets do an ultrasound to see where Baby B's head is, well I can tell you where it is UNDER MY RIBS! So He did the ultrasound couldn't find his head so I showed him he was shocked that it really was under my ribs. He told me to go to the Hospital and he would meet me there for a C-Section. I walked out of his office so excited I DON'T HAVE TO BE PREGNANT ANYMORE!!!
I drove to Honolulu and picked up Jarod from work and we almost ran out of gas so we had to stop and fill up. We get to the hospital, check in and they do another ultrasound just to make sure Baby B's (Clay) head is still under my ribs Oh yes it was. It took about an hour to get ready for the C-Section mostly we were waiting for an OR. and away we went. Jarod in a painters suit and me laying in a bed off to our latest adventure. Cache came first, one minute here came Clay back first, the picture really looks like it hurt. Thank you for the DRUGS!!! Both of the Boys were crying so I knew that they were good to go. The C-Section wasn't as bad as I thought, I am still healing but its all good. We came home on Thursday, took the Twins to the Doc on sat they had both gained about 3 ounces after loosing a little at first. The Doc was surprised that I am nursing them both. We are glad to be home and to have everything go so good and I am glad that I am not PREGNANT anymore.