Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sea Turtle at Ko Olina

Blake turning away from the Sea Turtle.

Davis and Blake swimming at Ko Olina with a Sea Turtle. They thought this was the coolest thing. Blake couldn't find the Turtle at first until the Turtle was 2 inches from him swimming directly at him.

Davis and the Turtle

We were so close we touched it. It is against the law to touch them. It swam right between Jarods legs he was holding Cache and almost fell over trying to spread his legs far enough a part so it could pass between them.

It was real neat to see this and to be this close. The kids fed it seaweed. They want to go back soon so they can see it again.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Jarod is in Washington D.C. and I was feeling very brave and took the kids to Ko'Olina. The water is very smooth here
(because they are lagoons) so the twins can get out of the stroller and crawl around. They had the best time. They found out quickly that the wet sand is not hot. They loved when the water came up on them a little. Cache loves the water and kept crawling into the ocean. He kept his head up when the water got high. Clay would get wet but when the water started coming in he crawled up the beach which made it easier to save Cache from the water.
This is the first time we have let the Twins get out of the stroller at the beach and play in the sand and they had the best time.
Jarod gets home next Friday and on Saturday he wants to go back to Ko'Olina and play with the kids on the beach.
It was stressful with just me, but Davis and Blake were big helpers.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dodge Ball

After fireworks Davis and Frank decided to have a game of dodge ball. Then the dads joined in, dads against kids. Then moms joined the fun, moms against kids. The kids wanted dads against moms MOMS WON! After the dodge ball was over Blake rolled all over the grass then everyone joined in. When we got home we made the kids shower again Blake didn't want to we told him he had just rolled around where the dog poops and he needed to be clean. He was in the shower crying when Jarod asked him are you mad that we are making you take another shower he said NO I am mad at you because you let me roll around in dog poop. Too funny! We had the best time. It was one of our favorite July 4Th's.

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Fireworks on the 4th

Suanne bought the BIG firework box and the kids had so much fun.
Jarod and Cache watching the fireworks.
Stacy and Clay watching the fireworks.

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Cache, Blake, and Clay on the 4th of July.

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Surfing on the 4th

Surfing the white caps at White Plains on the Fourth was awesome (for those that surfed) Cari has her arms in the air Jack Bell is next to her on the other side if Frank Bell almost up.
Suanne and Jack riding in the wave.
This is a picture of a dude at the beach, Jarod couldn't help himself he had to take his pic. the guy kept posing it was a good laugh.

Last is Ronda surfing right after the picture she went down. Sorry Jarod no pics of you surfing maybe next time.

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4th of July

We woke up and got ready for the ONLY parade on the Island. I am sure they do things on the Military Bases but we aren't Military. So we went to Kailua, about an hour into the parade Davis and Blake were done. We loaded back up and came home got ready for White Plains where the waves were 6-10 faces. We were there with all our friends Bells, Pothiers, and Ronda (Eric and Dara were with their dad). Davis and Katie body boarded together most of the time, he is really good (JR next time you come he will show you how it is done). Blake played with Grace and Abby asking every 20 min when Eric was coming. They ride the waves close to the beach and let themselves just get rolled by the breaking waves. Cache and Clay got into the action too Cache loves the water loves to have crash into him. Clay not so much he will lift his feet right under his bum and hold on for dear life.

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