Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby A

He is waving to the kids and I don't know if you tell but his mouth is open

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Baby B

On the bottom picture he kept putting his arms in front of his face maybe he is waving too!

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26 weeks 4 days

So here is a new Pregnant picture. Katie this is just for you! Well OK and everyone Else. I had an Ultrasound today the BABIES both measure 2 pounds and they say everything looks good. Baby A is still head down and Baby B is still head up so still planning on a C-Section. Baby A's foot is always under my ribs and his head is always on my bladder. They measure right on that is why I am HUGE!!! I go to my regular Doc tomorrow and I have to take the glucose test YUCK, that stuff makes me sick. OH and I colored my hair by myself do you know how many DIAPERS I can buy if I don't pay someone to do this for me. Blake thanks for taking the picture for me.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blake Said

Jarod is gone for the week on another island. Last night we were texting each other, He told the kids that he missed them and loved them. Blake said; "Tell Dad that I miss him more than a bucket of Monkeys."
The other day Blake said, "It's no fair you have a shelf you can put stuff on." Meaning my belly, well today he said; "When your belly is as big as a table we can eat dinner on it."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is beautiful! I hope you all get a chance to go one day. We went on Saturday, we were told you have to be there early so we left our house at 9a.m.. When we got there the parking lot was closed, they close it when it is full and you just come back later. So we went down the road to Sandy Beach. The waves were HUGE, so the kids only got to play on the Beach, they got wet anyway. After a few hours we went to Hanauma Bay.
First you have to pay a dollar for parking, not bad. Second it was time for lunch, we should have taken our own food. It is every pricey there. Third you have to pay to get in, a five dollar charge. If you are a Hawaii resident you get in free. Jarod had his ID so we thought we were good but they didn't understand that I am his wife and so we had to pay for me. Crazy they are so weird about you having your ID for everything. You have to watch a movie before your journey to the Beach. Jarod went snorkeling and saw Sea Turtles and Schools of Fish. He said it was Awesome! I sat on my chair and watched the kids swim and ride the Skim Board (I want to try it when I am not pregnant.) When we done we had to walk back up the hill. I told Jarod I might not make it without having Babies on the way but I did it!

Getting ready for Easter

Jarod and I have so much to learn still about living here in Hawaii. I was getting ready for Easter, going to buy the usual, ended up not to be usual after all. I went to Wal Mart and much to my surprise they were almost out of EVERYTHING!!! So I find a Wal Mart worker to ask where all the plastic eggs were and he said very rudely that they were all out. Like you stupid girl, what do you think Easter is a week away. All the Easter baskets were gone and so were the normal things you find on the shelf. So I went to K Mart no luck, we tried all the stores we could think of no luck. Next year Easter shopping will happen EARLY!!!
We colored Easter Eggs and then when the kids went to find them Easter morning the color on the eggs had condensation all over them and the color got all over the floor luckily only on the wood floor. So that is why everyone buys all the plastic eggs early, so they don't have egg coloring all over everything. The kids thought that it was weird that the Easter Bunny just threw candy all over the house without the plastic eggs. One day I will tell them.

Sandy Beach

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Blake got a new tooth

I have been checking every once in a while to see if Blake has a loose tooth yet. Well today I said come here let me see if your teeth are loose yet, mostly to make him feel good. Well much to my suprise, I found a new tooth as you can see it is behind the others and they are not loose yet. He said that he has been trying to dig it out because he thought that it was just something in his mouth. He is so excited to have the tooth fairy come.

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House Pics

Ok,we finally hung some things on the walls yesterday. I feel like I can now take some pics of our new house to show you all. We have done so much work to get this far. Now remember, when we first moved in the walls were a flat yellow color and it was really ugly and faded you couldn't really see it in pics. We painted the ceiling first, it was a flat paint too, except for the kitchen, a funny Hawaii thing. They paint everything flat except for the kitchen ceiling. So the ceiling color is called Glow, the wall color is called Beach Path or something like that.
This is a picture of where a dinning table would go, but our house is to small for our kitchen table so this is where we decided to put our couch.
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I am standing by our back door and you can see the kitchen and the entry way. We want to take all the brown blinds and change them for white ones but that will take time, other things are more important first. We hate or fridge!!! It is 10 years old, it works but things fall out of the shelves all the time when you open the door. The freezer is small you can't put much in it. The dishwasher is 10 years old too, it doesn't have two jets to spray water so if it is to full the glasses do not get clean. The oven is also 10 years old, when we bought the house the house inspector told us we needed a new one the gasket is shot. We will be buying all new appliances soon maybe when the government give us that tax break.

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This is another pic from the back door to show the stairs. The blue room by the front door is the half bath and in it is the washer and dryer. Yes we will paint that room to Jarods thinking RED anyone have any ideas on a color?

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This is the living room, the chair is in a cubby that the tv goes but, our tv is to tall on its stand so it has to go on the wall with the window so the couch won't fit in there. The furniture arrangement is a little weird but we don't have the space that we are used to so we just made due. Our Realtor thought we were crazy for putting it like this but what do you do? It is only for three years and I told Jarod our next house will be big, no arguments from him.
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So this is where the tv is. We changed out the ceiling fan in here it was brown palm leaves and the other one was this ugly light that didn't match anything so we got two ceiling fans for the down stairs it is nice to have the air always move. The upstairs is not done yet we just got done painting the twins room but we are going to put down base board and bead board in there. We need to buy that and some blinds for that room. We bought a changing table so after the work is done we will put up the nursery. It sounds crazy the twins room, I guess it hasn't hit us yet. When we are done I will put up pictures of that it will take a while though.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My little thinker

Today Blake and I went to Costco to get milk and bread (its the cheapest there). After we were done shopping we ate lunch, we were sitting out at the tables eating when Blake said Mom did you know that they didn't build the roof first? I said oh, how do you know that? He said that if they had built the roof first there wouldn't be anything to hold it up, do you see all these pillars? The pillars hold up the roof, and the pillars had to be built first. Sometimes I am amazed at what these little ones think of.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So you all know that when you move into a new house there is so much to do! Jarod has plans for the back yard and has taken our tropical over kill out. We had so many plants that were over grown and taking over the small yard we have. Saturday Jarod was working out back, Davis was helping. We have all these blocks that the old owner had mounted his Dish Network dish on. Jarod asked me how we were going to rid of these blocks, where could we take them to? Davis said "Give them to a Hobo, they don't have anything." I started laughing, so Jarod pried a little more, how do you know about Hobo's? How do you know they don't have anything? These little ones say stuff all the time that just cracks us up! How sweet of him to think of the Hobo's.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ultrasound pics

So I figured out how to scan and get them onto my blog, but I did't do a good job next time I will try harder. The first two are Baby B, the last two are Baby A. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge so you can actually see them!

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