Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cardinals Baseball

Blake did really good at baseball this year. He is the loudest cheerleader in the dugout.
He is getting really good at hitting the ball. He doesn't swing hard it drives us crazy, the kid would hit it so far if he would just SWING!

He loves to run the bases! He is fast and watches the ball really good. He had so much fun with his dad as his coach this year.
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Academic Award

Blake received an academic award at school this year. He works hard at school, he is smart and can figure out his homework all by himself. He writes neat and cares about his work. He can concentrate when working. He is a great reader. He counts, spells, and practices saying his "R" words all the time. We are so proud of you Blake and we love you!
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Opening Day Cerimony

Blake getting announced for his team the Cardinals!
Davis announcing himself as a starting 9 yr old Pitcher and Second basemen for the Paniols (Hawaiian Cowboys).
Davis #4, his friends Devin #33, Dillan #44, and Nick #43
Blake #7, Jacob #2, Grant #55, Corry #5.
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