Friday, February 29, 2008

Twin Update

We had our monthly ultrasound yesterday. They say the Babies look really good, I have never had an ultrasound in such detail. They looked at everything, they studied the brain and heart and face. The Babies are growing good I am 22 weeks four days, they measure right on. Baby A is 1 pound 2 ounces and Baby B is 1 pound 1 ounce. He told me that because they are both boys there is a slight chance that they are identical. I don't know if they check after they are born or how that works. I have pictures, I scanned them into the computer but I can't figure out how to get them on my blog if any of you know please tell me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

School Lunch

The other day Davis was telling me about what they had for school lunch.
Stacy: How was lunch today?
Davis: Mom it was dog food!
Stacy: I started laughing
Davis: Mom its not funny, they gave us dog food for lunch!
Stacy: Davis, I am sure they didn't give you dog food.
Davis: Mom, you know when you open the can of dog food, and it has that lumpy gravy on the top that is what it was! A can of dog food!
Stacy: (still laughing) Davis, it was roast beef with gravy not dog food.
Davis: Well I didn't eat it, it looked like dog food and smelled like dog food. I don't know why you don't believe me.
Usually school lunch is really good and he likes it. They get to eat Chines food all the time and he loves that. Although; I have learned to pack him a lunch when anything is served with gravy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is the kitchen, the whole house was painted in flat paint, everything in Hawaii is. We don't know why, anyway the kitchen was faded lime green, the rest of the house was faded bright yellow. (That word is yellow, that is about the color of the paint.) Flat paint doesn't clean, so when the people that had is before us wiped the walls down it took the paint off, It didn't look good. We are still painting and one day we will be done. The Home Depot loves us!
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My Boys in the Ocean.
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This is a better belly picture, and the sunset is nice too.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Arland, Davis, Blake, Jarod, Stacy, Cathy, Ty, Logan, and Sindi at graduation
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we went to the beach on saturday night 02-23-08
the kids had to go Jarod had been painting our house and going to the stores we were trying to find a dryer for us we haven't had one for 3 weeks so after that was all done we got to spend the sunset at the beach!
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Two Coconuts with all the Pineapples

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this Pineapple is so cool he had to wear shades

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WE went to the Dole Plantation
we had so much fun... when we told the kids that we were going to the pineapple place Davis was so mad and didn't want to go he wanted to go to the beach instead. After we had been there a while of having tons of fun he asked if this was the pineapple place we told him yes and then he was mad, but got over it fast.
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Posted by PicasaWe really were here it was so pretty Palm trees,
the dude playing guitar, the cruise ship it was awesome!

Big Graduation Day

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life on the Island

Hawaii is different to live on that is for sure. We still are not use to all the native things. It is really crazy to think that we took a step down from our home in Enoch. We lived in a 1700 square foot home, and a big lot. We paid about $104,000.00 for that house, here we are in Hawaii, in Ewa (eva) Beach, in a townhouse that is about 1100 square feet and a small back yard and paid almost four times the amount! It is crazy to us.

It is hard to find a stroller for twins that is side by side they are $$$$.
The Doctor offices here are not the cleanest waiting rooms Carlynn Barton would die
Food is more than it is at the Wal Mart in Cedar
Gas is more
McDonalds serves spam for Breakfast and rice
Spam is very popular Yuck!
Hawaii food smells good but haven't tried it yet, Jarod has
Schools are better than we were told, Kindergarten is all day Yeah!!
I was asked what race I am, I thought hello I am the Whitest person on the island
Pineapple is Awesome, like mouth candy
Fruit is a lot of money
Church is more reverent and pretty cool the middle of it is all open like to walk to classes.
Lots of shopping Wal Mart, K mart, they are building a Target, Home Depot, well just about everything. we love the shopping!

Twins update

As you know we are having twin BOYS!
Babies names so far

Clay, Jarod said we are 99% sure that we will use Clay

When I went to the Doc last everything looks good, I have to go every two weeks. I have an ultrasound on the 28 of Feb. and will have one every four weeks I am 22 weeks today and I measure 28 weeks the babies are about 101/2 Inches long now and weigh about 1 pound. The way they are positioned now it looks like I will have a c-section. Baby A which is the lower baby is head down no problem with him, baby B is feet down. The doc said that after baby A is delivered naturally he could try to turn baby B but depending on size and how labor went and heartbeats and stress on the baby they may have to do the c-section. I will not do both so for now we are planning on a c-section.

And the kids said...

The other day we were in the Pathfinder driving home from dinner. We were asking Davis about school, and he made any friends that day. He said yes! and told us the kids name, he said that he is black and that they had two black kids were in his class. He told us that everybody else was brown like him. I said like you, ya mom, Like my teacher Mrs. Camacho. Well Mrs. Camacho is Asian. So I told him she was Asian. He said oh are we Asian? I said no we are just White. Davis said oh well then everyone else in my class is Asian.