Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday was our 12 Anniversary, so we spent the day at  Paradise Cove at the Ko Olina Resort. The Nowickis came with us. They have 3 kids;  Madelyn, Alex, and Ella. The kids had the best time. They crawled on rocks, caught hermit crabs, picked seaweed and fed it to the Sea Turtles. There were 4 turtles swimming in the lagoon with them. We were there for about 5 hours when Davis was climbing a tree above the water and rocks. I didn't see it happen, he just came up to me holding his right side in a lot of pain and said "mom I hurt myself".  I am so glad that he only got scrapes and bruises. He is so lucky that he didn't hurt his head. He ruined his board shorts, they were shredded on the butt. After he got hurt we packed up and went home.
It was the best Anniversary (except for Davis getting hurt), the beach was perfect. It was a warm day here in paradise. Being together as a family is what it is all about!


Kenzie said...

Hey Stacy! I am so glad you found me. I am the only person on earth not on face book. I am going to start here soon. I know when I start I will be addicted to it, so I am waiting until I have more time. Yes, Kody and I moved away from Enoch.(Tear) We built a house in Equestrian Pointe so we are still around. I never see anyone from out there any more. I guess I see Kristen occasionally. Oh and Malesha but she moved back to Beaver. Anyway I am going to add you to my blog peeps. Tell Jarod we say hi. I can't believe your twins! They are so darling. Your boys are sooooo big! It's been a long time. It looks like you are living in paradise. I will stay in touch.